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novelist, researcher, journalist
Spotlighting Heroines from the past for our present and the future

»Women do have a history, a past to call our own: we do have heroines, in myth, in legend, in history. All we need to do is remember them.«

Remember their Names


In her research, fiction and public writing, Christine spotlights heroic women from history and myth, using the past to inspire us to construct an equal society in the present and the future.

Christine is a regular contributor on history, archaeology, literature, feminism and culture on She has written for The Wire India, The New Federalist and Cultural Practice Magazine and is the proud founder of the public research magazine 42 .

Heroic Women

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Christine is currently researching memory cultures, the contemporary historical novel and the reception of the lives and fates of powerful historical women and ‘barbarous’ egalitarian societies in the West at the University of Manchester.

Her research has been published in Alluvium, Antigone and the Journal of Literary Theory. She lectures on literature and creative writing.


Christine’s novels are published by Penguin Random House, Harper Collins and Heroic Books.

She is director and founder of the Novel Writing Workshop at the University of Bonn which has seen numerous students go on to receive agency representation and close book deals with both major and independent publishers.

Christine Lehnen is represented by Thérèse Coen at the Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency in London.


22nd October 2021: Municipal Library, Recklinghausen / An Evening with C E Bernard

11th August 2021: OpenAir, Brotfabrik Theatre, Bonn / Book Release Party Das Flüstern des Zwielichts

23rd October 2021: Municipal Library, Recklinghausen / Community Outreach Workshop

7th October 2021: Castle Linn, Krefeld / An Evening with C E Bernard and Timo Leibig


In her spare time, Christine will most likely be out sailing, inside reading, or laughing her head off at any and all episodes of Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics.

She is a loyal superhero at Cinema Therapy, lover of arthouse films, and seasoned traveller.

Born in Recklinghausen in Western Germany, she has since lived in the United States, Australia, Canada and Paris and is now based in Bonn and Manchester, splitting her time between the UK and Germany.

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