KulturCampus: celebrating the arts at Bonn University

Come and join us for a night of celebrating the arts at Bonn University! On Monday 24th June 2019, a few select students of the Bonn Novel Writing Workshop will be presenting parts of their manuscripts at the annual KulturCampus, organised by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, most notably Dr. Stefan Plasa.

Four to five students will read selected pages from their work. The programme will also include performances by selected students of the poetry slam workshop and the improvisation workshop of the University of Bonn. We would be thrilled to see you there!

Monday, 24th June 2019



Kreuzstr. 16


Admission is free.


I am also happy to report that the Novel Writing Workshop is growing! We welcome Michél Schüler to the team, who will be supporting us in organising our platform to bring students into contact with agents as well as teaching select sessions of the workshop. Michél Schüler earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Bonn with a thesis on his namesake Michel Foucault. He is currently finishing up his postgraduate studies in Philosophy as well as a splendid novel and three to four short stories. He has been a member of the Novel Writing Workshop (almost) from the beginning. Welcome to the team, Michi!