Event: An exclusive WAYFARER preview

Christine Lehnen will be presenting an exclusive preview from Book 1 of THE WAYFARER SAGA, publishing in the spring of 2021 in Germany. She will be reading from the German translation, hot off the press, as well as the English original, in the Stadtbibliothek Recklinghausen, on 2nd October 2020 at 20h.

Tickets are free, but due to COVID-19 hygiene measures, it is necessary to register with the library for a seat.

THE SILENCED SYMPHONY: pushed back to 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the production of The Silenced Symphony, written by Elisabeth Lewerenz, will be pushed back into 2021. The venue at the Fringe Festival has already been confirmed for 2021. It will be performed at Greenside. Due to the delay, Christine Lehnen will no longer be directing the play.

Premiere: TROILUS & CRESSIDA at the Brotfabrik Bonn Theatre

TROILUS & CRESSIDA, produced by the BUSC and directed by Christine Lehnen and Eva Fürst, premiered at the Brotfabrik Theatre in Bonn on Saturday, 7th December, to a sold out performance, in a double bill with ROMEO & JULIET, likewise produced by the BUSC. Find all information on the Winter 2019 Double Production here — there are very few tickets left!


Publication: “European Literature – Made in the UK”

After a summer spent edits of various books and articles, I am happy to say that my research on European literature made in the UK has been published in Alluvium, an open-access online journal focusing on “21st century writing and 21st century approaches”. (And no, this isn’t an elaborate joke about Brexit.) This issue also contains some wonderful contributions on, among others, zombies and neoliberal breakdowns, women writers as shamans of a globalised age, and the possibilities of belonging and who we are and, most importantly, who we want we to be. Edited by Victoria Addis, Sam Cutting and Julia Ditters, the whole issue is available online and I whole-heartedly recommend you to take a look. Many thanks once more to Victoria and Julia, who were indispensable in the process of writing this article!


I am also very happy to say that I have been commissioned to write a follow-up article for the October issue of Alluvium enquiring into contemporary literary and artistic practices. Which is due, I believe, “in the summer”. Wish me luck and some more good weather, so that I can stretch that deadline well into September.


On a related note: applications for the Novel Writing Workshop in the winter semester of 2019/2020 at the University of Bonn are now open. Although the course description is in German, applications in the English language are welcome and encouraged.

Premiere: DEAR MRS WOOLF at the Brotfabrik Theatre

Eva Fürst, Lisa Pohlers and Inga Leske performing the monologues “Witch Hunt”, “Dear Mrs Woolf” and “meinführer” (respectively) at the Brotfabrik in Bonn on 28th May 2019. © Clara Bibow.

DEAR MRS WOOLF, a monologue adapted from the letters of Virginia Woolf to Vita Sackville-West by Christine Lehnen, premiered at the Brotfabrik Theatre in Bonn on Wednesday 28th May 2019. Lisa Pohlers starred as Virginia Woolf. The show, featuring two more monologues written by Eva Fürst (“Witch Hunt”) and Marian Blok (“meinführer”), was sold out. It was part of the programme of the Bonner Theaternacht 2019. DEAR MRS WOOLF will also be performed on June 8th 2019 as part of the Frankenstein Festival at the Brotfabrik Bonn, celebrating Mary Shelley, her ground-breaking work, and female authorship. Thank you everyone for a sold-out show, and we would love to see you again (or for the first time) on Saturday for some Frankenstein!

KulturCampus: celebrating the arts at Bonn University

Come and join us for a night of celebrating the arts at Bonn University! On Monday 24th June 2019, a few select students of the Bonn Novel Writing Workshop will be presenting parts of their manuscripts at the annual KulturCampus, organised by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, most notably Dr. Stefan Plasa.

Four to five students will read selected pages from their work. The programme will also include performances by selected students of the poetry slam workshop and the improvisation workshop of the University of Bonn. We would be thrilled to see you there!

Monday, 24th June 2019



Kreuzstr. 16


Admission is free.


I am also happy to report that the Novel Writing Workshop is growing! We welcome Michél Schüler to the team, who will be supporting us in organising our platform to bring students into contact with agents as well as teaching select sessions of the workshop. Michél Schüler earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Bonn with a thesis on his namesake Michel Foucault. He is currently finishing up his postgraduate studies in Philosophy as well as a splendid novel and three to four short stories. He has been a member of the Novel Writing Workshop (almost) from the beginning. Welcome to the team, Michi!

A thriller from C K Williams

I am proud to announce that my first thriller will be published by Avon Books in the United Kingdom and Ireland! The book will publish on 10th October 2019 under the pen name of C K Williams. I am incredibly excited to be working with the great team at Avon, and cannot wait to make this first foray into the world of suspense!

Three students gain agency representation

In the past year, three students have gained agency representation through the Novel Writing Workshop at the University of Bonn. With one or two networking events per semester, three students have convinced the agents Birgit Arteaga (Berlin) and Paula Peretti (Cologne) of their projects. We congratulate Nina Rheinheimer and Maria Keim (Agentur Peretti) as well as Philipp Börner (Literaturagentur Arteaga) and wish them all the best for the brilliant future ahead of them!