Publication: “European Literature – Made in the UK”

After a summer spent edits of various books and articles, I am happy to say that my research on European literature made in the UK has been published in Alluvium, an open-access online journal focusing on “21st century writing and 21st century approaches”. (And no, this isn’t an elaborate joke about Brexit.) This issue also contains some wonderful contributions on, among others, zombies and neoliberal breakdowns, women writers as shamans of a globalised age, and the possibilities of belonging and who we are and, most importantly, who we want we to be. Edited by Victoria Addis, Sam Cutting and Julia Ditters, the whole issue is available online and I whole-heartedly recommend you to take a look. Many thanks once more to Victoria and Julia, who were indispensable in the process of writing this article!


I am also very happy to say that I have been commissioned to write a follow-up article for the October issue of Alluvium enquiring into contemporary literary and artistic practices. Which is due, I believe, “in the summer”. Wish me luck and some more good weather, so that I can stretch that deadline well into September.


On a related note: applications for the Novel Writing Workshop in the winter semester of 2019/2020 at the University of Bonn are now open. Although the course description is in German, applications in the English language are welcome and encouraged.

Directing the BTHVN 2020 contribution to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Christine Lehnen and Ina Habermann will be teaming up once again to direct a contribution to the BTHVN 2020 festival, celebrating the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. The new play will be written by Ellie Lewerenz, recent graduate of the VAULT festival’s new writers programme, and produced by CIRCE theatre. It will be performed in Bonn, Beethoven’s birth place, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in 2020. Emphasising Beethoven as a humanist and a European as well as a masterful musician andcomposer, the production has been awarded a generous grant from BTHVN 2020 committee, funded by the Ministry for Culture and Research of Northine-Westfalia as well as German Federal State Secretary for Culture and Media.

The European Balcony Project in Bonn

We are proud to report that the European Balcony Project in Bonn was a great success, even moving one of the audience members to tears (which is all you could want as a director). We thank everyone at the European Democracy Lab for making this come to life and all our fellow players and readers all over Europe. I would also like to thank my tireless cast, crew and company who, within no more than fourteen days, put a stage on the Beethoven Square, seven actresses and actors into full costume and make-up as well as delivering a beautiful rendition of the Ode to Joy on the day. We are excited to see where the European Republic is going to go next!

We are also thrilled to announce that some of the gorgeous pictures taken of the project by our very own Viola Bender will be featured in an exhibition on the future of Europe for the F(EU)ture Festival in Berlin in March 2019. Congratulations, Viola!

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What a joy and what a special day: On November 10th at 4 PM, artists and actors all over Europe proclaimed the European Republic. On public places, from famous and private balconies — this was the EUROPEAN BALCONY PROJECT, initiated by @ulrikeguerot , Robert Menasse and Milo Rau. In Bonn, I was fortunate enough to direct the project for the @busc_it — as always, the company proved that it could put together a beautiful stage, stunning costumes and make-up, a Beethoven choir, a PR campaign as well as, oh, wait, a performance in five European languages. It is a gift to be a member of such a company! Thank you @europeanbalconyproject for making this happen! We were elated to be a part of it, and cannot wait to take the future into our own hands! All stunning photos (c) Viola Bender @polychromaticglissando A thousand thank yous to (in no particular order) Astrid Kristin Linne von Berg & Hannah Kwella (make-up & costume) Viola Bender (photography) Thomas Reuter (film) Muna Zubedi (production management) Theresa Junkermann (stage design) Jonathan “Noa” Noack, Clara Bibow, Michael Bohacz, Lynn Pusch, Lena Jukna (stage construction) Henny Schrötter (everything) Ellie Lewerenz (choir) Clara Clasen (choir) Jonathan “Noa” Noack (choir) Lisa Pohlers (choir) Eva Fürst (choir & sign language interpretation) Vanessa Basilio de Luca (FIRST SOLDIER) Ruben Fuchs (SECOND SOLDIER) Philipp Blanke (VOICE #1) Lena Jukna (VOICE #2, print & web design) Viola Helmer (VOICE #3) Laura Quintus (VOICE #4) Ronny Bittner (publication) Ellie Lewerenz, Pete Schild, Jean Lavalette, Lisa Pohlers, Lena Erhard, Michael Bohacz, Ronny Bittner (committee) #weproclaim #europeanbalconies #europeanbalconyproject #10thnovember2018 #europe #europeanrepublic @ulrikeguérot #milorau #robertmenasse #theatre #thespian #authorsofinstagram

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Directing Bonn’s European Balcony Project + press